Footlong - Biography

John Choi
Working in NYC as a camera assistantand presently beginning his career as a Cinematographer, John has been shootingfor Footlong, as well as the 148 Productions produced, Yuengling from Pottsvilledocumentary and Chris Patak's music video directorial debut, Jennifer Marks, Green.
Jay Feather
Having shot a good portion of Footlong includingthe Hot dog Ministry and Boston Safari segments, Jay continues to preparefor the full-time leap to shooting as a cameraman in NYC.


Jim Bartolomeo
Traveling with the Footlong crewas a cinematographer, Jim is now working as a director. He has shot anddirected some short films, including Sankofa, which details the events of the dance troupeof the same name as well as the Yuenglingfrom Pottsville documentary, whichwill begin airing on PBS in the Philadelphia area in October of 1999.
 Kory Salamone (l.)
Ramon Ricard
Both of these loyal Footlong cameraman,although only working for some random shoots here and there, helped to capturedthe Nathan's event in Coney Island with no regards for their families' plansfor the July 4th holiday.


Carolyn Urban
Working as our DC production Manager,Carolyn guided us
through the intense heat of the nation's capital and now works at a numberof production companies in the same area as a production manager / coordinator.


Kevin Miller
Perhaps Footlong's most loyal andhard-working crew member, Kevin does it all: still photographer, cameraman,audio guy, van driver, bartender... and to think, he turned down a job impersonatingChuck Knoblauch to stay with Footlong.
  Steve's Photo To ComePatrick Holland (l.)
As's webmasterand copywriter, Patrick spends his free time posing for silly photosand telling nosey neighbors he's "that Blair Witch."
Steve Molaro (r.)
Basically, if you like anything on this site, Steve probablydesigned it. Now a web producer for Nickelodeon, Steve spent many a humorousmoment creating the amazing Freaky Franks.

 Chris Patak
co-producer, co-director
 Gerry Beyer
 Susannah Ludwig
 The Crew
proud and poor