The sub-culture that surrounds hot dogs is vast, the people that makeup these communities, relatively invisible. But Footlong will reveal whyeach is unique and noteworthy.

Take John Mowery, for example.

In Columbus, Ohio, John Mowery shares more than just his hot dogs with the homeless. He runs the Hot Dog Ministry through the shelters of Columbus and by offering some warm food, extra clothes and a little prayer, he brings people together and lends a hand to the community. The homeless appreciate the effort and as one man said, "I come for the hot dogs, but also for the prayer."

The focus of Footlong is to capture the essence exemplified by John Moweryand others like him. With its long and obscure history, the hot dog hasintegrated itself into our communities. Which is why most people, includingyou, have stories similar to John's. Maybe it's a time you shared with yourfamily from a summer years ago. Or perhaps it was a moment just a few weeksago, while spreading mustard on your hot dog while watching fireworks withfriends.

Footlong will look back at the history that wasinstrumental in constructing the phenomenon of the hot dog, re-live thememories that have been created and observe the ones that will be.

An educational tour-de-force, filled with humor and appetizing anecdotes,Footlong will engage every audience - all ages and genders, sizes and race,moral factions and particulars.

We will witness drama and comedy, success and defeat, the challengesand the perseverance.

And somewhere between the information and the entertainment,between a snack and a meal ... is the hot dog.