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Hot Dogs and People

Hot-dog Ministry, Columbus, Ohio
Homeless shelters offering the word of the Lord and hot dogs.

Vinny, "The Ice-Man", Long Island City, Queens, NY
Sales from hot dog cart bought a house in the Hamptons and two college educations for his children.

Mother's cooking festival, Washington, NJ
Gerry and Chris' mothers prepare their unique hot-dog dishes for the boys.

Sonic's Drive-in, Memphis, TN
John Clark, owner of a Sonic's Drive-In supported and entertained his family with this restaurant.

Charlie Kazan
In Mr. Kazan's 88 years alive, he has eaten nothing but hot dogs and fried baloney sandwiches. Dubbed "The Man who saved Hot Dogs"

Rutt's Hut, Clifton, NJ
Chris' grandparents celebrate their 50th anniversary at the infamous hot dog restaurant where they used to date.

VooDoo Hot Dogs Blues Band, Bozeman, MT
A band overwhelmed with a love for hot dogs, named themselves after them.

Celebrity Interviews
Pro Wrestlers, Chris Walken, Art Donovan, John Waters

Hot Dogs and History

History of the Hot Dog
Coney Island & St. Louis, where it all began.

Roswell, NM
Gerry and Chris try to contact aliens using the alien DNA found in hot dogs.

Ford Museum, Detroit, MI
Visit the final resting place of the first Oscar-Mayer WeinerMobile.

Tubesteak City, Los Altos, CA
The story of a 40 foot hot dog sculpture that caused unrest in a small town.

Hot Dogs and Business/Free Enterprise

Nathan's Corporation, Westbury, NY
Tour of the facilities, interview with the CEO and Head Chef.

Tube-steakers Protest, Vancouver
Students expelled for selling hot dogs on campus.

Hot Dog Carts, Miami, FL
Success stories of hot dog vendors.

Various Independent stands/vendors
Walters, Mamoreneck, NY
Flo's, York, ME
Johnny's, Washington, NJ
Hyde's, Syracuse, NY
Pink's Chilidogs, Los Angeles, CA
Callahan's, Ft. Lee, NJ
Hot Grill, Clifton, NJ
Working Man's Palace, Chicago, IL
Many undetermined stands will be added.

Hot Dogs and Health

Doctor Check Up
Gerry bets physician that eating all those dogs on the road will keep him in great physical health.

Approved hot dog use in space. Gerry and Chris try to eat dogs in anti-gravity chamber.

Hot Dog Safety Stix
Item used to safely prepare hot dogs on the grill.

Bagel Dogs, Vineland, NJ
Inventor creates a hot dog that conveniently fits on a bagel.

Hot Dog and Family

Pott's Hot Dogs, Bethlehem, PA
Family owned and created franchise of hot dog establishments.

Kayem Hot Dogs, Boston, MA
Established 1909, four generations of frankfurter makers.

Hoffman's Hot Dogs, Syracuse, NY
Five generations of sausage manufacturing, established 1883.

Hot Dog Phenomena

Nathan's hot dog eating contests, Coney Island, NY
Returning the patriotism of hot dogs to America.

Hot Dog Festivals
Boston, MA
Alfred, NY
Frankfort, IN

Christopher Walken
The famous actor reads an essay, detailing his admiration for the hot dog.

Hot-dog Ministry, Columbus, Ohio
Homeless shelters offering the word of the Lord and hot dogs.

Chicago's O' Hare Airport
Largest consumption of hot dogs in the country in one year.

Whooper Dog Group, Southern, NJ
A group of best friends challenge each other to hot dog topping competitions.

Black Tie Hot Dog Gala, Baltimore, MD
Annual tuxedo dinner featuring hot dogs.

Atlantic City Hot Dog Wars
The story of hot dog vendors and the battle they waged to stay in town.