Footlong - Biography

Susannah Ludwig, co-producer

 Chrisand Gerry knew making a hot dog film would take more than just interviewingthe local hot dog vendor and riding around in the Wienermobile topless.What they didn't know was how much more it would take. Fortunately,Susannah stepped up to the challenge and now is the official "glue"that holds Gerry and Chris -- and the film -- together and on-track.

Currently working at GVN/Blue Light Films,Ludwig, a 1993 Ithaca College graduate, has worked on "Hurricane Streets,"produced/ directed her own documentary work involving contemporary femaleissues, and is currently producing several other feature products.


 Chris Patak
co-producer, co-director
 Gerry Beyer
 Susannah Ludwig
 The Crew
Strangers to soap.