The Footlong crew is a devoted group of film professionalsthat have come together to work on this documentary not for the money (thereis none), but because it offers each the chance to work on a once-in-a-lifetimeproject. After all, where else could two close friends and a piece of meatbe the stars of a film?

Don't answer that.

Jay Feather, cameraman,
shows what low-budget film-making is all about.


John Choi, cameraman, lies in bed
with his favorite toy.


Chris and Gerry taking in the sites on
Coney Island.


" then Gerry said, 'let's make a film about hot dogs!'"
"And you're doing it?!"
"It was either that or spend the year working at Carvel."


Do you have a favorite hot dog stand or placeof business
that sells exceptionally good wieners?

Tell us aboutit.