Ed McCabe will be the first to tell you he's done a lot of great work for a lot of great companies besides Hebrew National. Inducted into the Copy Hall of Fame in 1974, he came up with such memorable lines as "Fat Cars Die Young" for Volvo, "You Can't Eat Atmosphere" for Horn & Hardart restaurants, and "It Takes a Tough Man To Make A Tender Chicken" for Perdue.

But Footlong is a film about hot dogs, so dammit, "We answer to a higher authority" is why he's getting his own page.

McCabe currently runs his own New York agency -- appropriately named McCabe & Company -- and was nice enough to recently sit down with the Footlong crew to discuss his memorable Hebrew National campaign.


"Show me something great and I'll show you a bunch of monosyllables."

- Ed McCabe


Uh, Chris, why is this Ed McCabe page so damn serious?
Well, John, it seems Ed was nice enough to meet with our webmaster in 1993, back when Mr. Fancypants Foot-long.com Internet Guy was an idealistic young man fresh out of college. The meeting didn't go well -- Ed verbally ripped our webmaster's junior copywriter spec portfolio to shreads.
So why kiss ass now?
You would, too, if you'd spent the past four years writing sweepstakes copy for a living.
Damn, and I thought Chelsea Clinton had it rough.
Kiss on, dear webmaster, kiss on...

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