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Footlong released on DVD!! ORDER NOW!!
After many laborious years, Footlong, our modest little movie about hot dogs in the U.S. has been released on DVD for your enjoyment!

Also, be sure to listen to some of the music or order the Tell-All Book and Soundtrack that are finally here!

Soon all the world will be able to share in the glory, that is: FOOTLONG.

In the meantime, check out the links to Footlong Screenings!

You could download the older Footlong 4-minute trailer
(a new one is on it's way!)... and for gosh sakes, why haven't you ordered yourself a Footlong t-shirt? ? Everyone's been seen wearing them!©2005 Maintained by 148 Productions, Inc.  All studio and behind-the-scenes photos ©2001 by 
Kevin Miller.  Revised June 1, 2005.