Footlong - The Present

February, 2002: As we prepare for the final sound mix--- Man how a year can fly by in the course of making a film. (see Feb. 2001 for this exact same entry) ---looking forward to that big screening in New York City!


January 1, 2002: As predicted, we have come very close to finishing the mix in time for the new year.


December, 2001: We must go to L.A. to finish sound! We must go to L.A. to finish sound! We must go to L.A. to finish sound! We must go to L.A. to finish sound! We must go to L.A. to finish sound!
We don't go.


November, 2001: We cut and cut and cut and make a TV version...ironically, this is when we encounter most people we have meet through the years who tell us they still think about us and our film (the un-cut version).
I guess there are others out there just like us! That have so much time on their hands they can think of processed meat in their daydreams!


October, 2001: Omigod! We are re-editting the film for TV.

Is there a world out there that doesn't include hot dog footage?

Please someone, anyone, help us!


September 11, 2001: We have reservations to fly to L.A. tomorrow for final sound mix, FINALLY, and meet with 7th Art Releasing to discuss the film.

We both pass within inches, literally, of the World Trade Center that morning. Hot dogs don't seem so important today...


July-September, 2001: We sit and wait for lawyer to finish negotiations.


June, 2001: Okay, hmmm, yes, I see, very interesting---here is the abridged version of our distribution deal.

Canadian company sees tape at a festival we weren't
accepted at.

We freak out.

We call people. Lots of people.

Another company hears that this 1st company wants our film.
Now they want it as well.

We freak out.

We find lawyer to help negotiate both deals.

Finally in September, 2001 we sign with 7th Art Releasing to distribute Footlong.

We freak out.


April - May, 2001: How many damn tapes do we have to send to get a friggin' response here! I mean, "HELLO!!" Does my last name have to be Coppola to get an "indie" deal!


March, 2001: We have been submitting the film to numerous festivals. Unfortunately, the only responses have been faxed orders for smoked sausage links and the schematics to Gerry's robotic digestive system.

We keep sending tapes; Gerry keeps eating.


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