Footlong - The Present

February, 2001: Okay, the entries in our journal are caught up; you loyal fans can now jump for joy. As things stand today, we are preparing for the final sound mix and looking forward to that big screening in New York City!


January 1, 2001: As we wait for news from other festivals we submitted to, we strive to finish the sound work for Footlong. And somewhere in the night sky, a black monolith waits for us...


November, 2000: The films have been picked! And the final word on Footlong? Yes, read it and rejoice! Official Non-selection of the Sundance Film Festival! Viva Las Redford!


September 15, 2000: After a grueling and intense few months, the boys have decided to send the film to Sundance. But not before showing it to a few focus groups and the result? Whoa, wait a minute! What's this? A 98% approval rating? That's better than all the other hot dog documentaries combined!.

To celebrate sending Footlong to its' first festival, the boys promptly get wasted at Rudy's, a local pub that serves free hot dogs.

Yes, there HAS been a LOT of drinking this summer! You try spending a few years on a hot dog documentary and see how sober YOU are!?!


August 17, 2000: Well, the Footlong curse strikes again! The editting space in Manhatten is suddenly no longer available... for off we go, moving the base of editting operations to Ariel Nachmann's home. Ariel begins to wonder why he even introduced himself to Chris and Gerry. They just point at him and laugh.


August 1, 2000: After enduring the new office locale (sweat shop row, NYC) Ariel has trimmed the film to a svelte 2 hour length and geared the guys up to apply to the Sundance Film Festival. As the end nears, Ariel begins to contemplate a career in stitching.


June, 2000: In a miraculous turn of events, Gerry and Chris have been offered an office space in New York City for the next few months...for Free! It's a good thing too, the lack of air-conditioning at the present office (Kevin Miller's living room) has caused the guys to only drink water and no beer.


April, 2000: Big News at the Footlong home-base! There soon will be NO Footlong home-base. In an effort to conserve money and aquire the full status of "BUM", Chris is moving to Kevin Miller's couch and putting all his possesions on E-Bay.

The editting will continue at Kevin's until another tragedy strikes the film. Ariel Nachmann was quoted as saying "I never liked Chinese Food."


March, 2000: As luck would have it, Gerry and Chris have found another sucker to work with them on the film. Ariel Nachmann, a REAL editor has volunteered to help the guys pare down their 6-hour opus of processed meat.

After dining with Chris and Gerry on the first day of editting, Ariel receives a fortune cookie with the fortune: "You are about to experience a great adventure." Ariel's response is, "I never liked Chinese Food."


December, 1999 - January, 2000:
Happy New Millenium! As Chris continues to turn down work and sustain life on merely coffee, hot dogs, more coffee and cans of Bud Dry, he works the day shift editting, until Gerry can take over in the evening. Now the guys get to re-live ALL their trips AGAIN! Doesn't that sound exciting!


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