Nathan's National Hot Dog Eating Contest
Coney Island, New York.
July 4, 1998

Never have so few eaten so much in such a small amount of time.
In other words, here's 12 guys you don't want to see
walk in together while you're manager-in-charge
of Denny's Grand Slam breakfast buffet.



Gerry entertaining the other Nathan's contestants
with his legendary Marlon Brando impersonation.


Hirofumi Nakajimi, 1996/97/98 Nathan's hot dog champion, trying to convince a young woman that he is, in fact,
Leonardo DiCaprio.

Footlong crew in Coney Island (l. to r.):
Kory Salamone, 1st AC; Chris Patak Dir./D.P.,
Gerry Beyer, Dir./Prod; John Choi, D.P.